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Wealth Trading Management Services and Facilitators Corp (WTMSFC)

We are a relatively a small BVI offshore private company and therefore confidential and tax free operation, minimum overheads and hence able to give maximum financial benefits to our clients.

The company is within the Galileo Enterprises and Consultancy Services Group and generally it does not advertise its services but relies on referral and recommendations of satisfied clients, partners and associates. WTMSFC does not act as financial advisers or brokers; but simply act as a management and facilitator services for High Net Worth Individuals and other groups and organisations; for the purpose of wealth and trading enhancement.

The company does not pay interest and therefore no usury is involved (hence allowed in Islam) and generally the profits generated by the company as an administrator of a given project, are distributed to its clients as and when required by the clients.

The Mantra of WTMSFC is very simple:

Obtain and Distribute the best yield to our clients by Consolidating, Preserving, Protecting, Enhancing, and Optimising their wealth and trading by the use of establish financial strategies and safe platforms in its operational activities.


We believe in our company’s strategy of confidentiality of our clients, best yield benefits, no leverage, no risk taking, and no potential losses, the use of the best top international banks and by specialising in unique and innovative investment; virtually without any correlation with equity or fixed income markets.

Management administration fee is derived from the profit on the investment over the agreed period and the setting up cost is less than the spread used by most equities and unit trusts. Furthermore depending on the type of project the payment of the distributed profit in general and subject to agreement could be paid monthly, quarterly or yearly in any designated bank, thus ensuring tax efficiency and cash flow if applicable.

For further details please forward all enquiries to Web:

It should be noted that Money Laundering regulations require that satisfactory verification of personal and or organisations’ identities which must be provided to the company. However investors’ details are treated in strict confidence and will not be divulged unless ordered according to the law by the relevant Financials Services Authorities.